EM Solutions

Em Solutions Company Profile

What is your main service or product?

  • Broadband satellite on-the-move terminals
  • Satcom block up convertors (BUCs)
  • Satcom low noise down convertors (LNBs)
  • High speed (10Gbps) E-band backhaul radios

Do you have a secondary service/product?

  • Assembly and test of products for other companies, for example, radar units
  • Engineering design of products for other companies

Do you offer vacation work to undergraduates?


Do you offer graduate positions within your company?


What qualities do you look for in a graduate employee?

  • Commitment "beyond the call of duty"
  • Ability to communicate clearly and to document meticulously
  • Extremely strong results in electronics, communications, or mechatronics subjects
  • Ability to work in small teams and perform a variety of different tasks

What is your company size in terms of employees, and what is the company scale?

50-100, and an international scale.

Do you have any notable industry partners or projects you would like our members to know about? If so, please provide a brief description.

We work with CSIRO - on a joint project to further develop the E-band 10Gbps radio to even high speeds; and with UQ - to develop a flat panel satellite terminal antenna.

We collaborate with numerous international companies, for instance, Intellian of Korea - to integrate their modem into an EM Solutions terminal so that our system can operate over the Inmarsat GX global satellite network.

Our customers include blue-chip firms such as Thales, BAE Systems, Selex, Indra, Jepico, and Airbus.

Do you have any accreditations or awards?

  • Finalist 2015 Qld Export Awards (Manufacturing and ICT categories)
  • ATSE Clunies Ross Medal
  • AIRG SME Innovation Award

What is your vision?

To inspire customers globally, as a technology developer of the most innovative microwave and on-the-move radio and satellite products that help to deliver real-time telecommunications anywhere in the world.