The following is a list of executive members in EBESS. To contact an executive specifically, please send an email to the corresponding recipient.

For general enquiries, please send all mail to contact@uqebess.com

Sam Bloom

Manages the executive team and communicates with staff and students within the university about EBESS related matters. Provides a public face for the student society both within the university itself and in the public domain. Acts as the main point of contact between EBESS and EUS, Clubs and Societies and the various University departments.

Aaron Barker-Smith
Vice-President / Sponsorship
vicepresident@uqebess.com / sponsorship@uqebess.com

Assists in management of the executive team and communication with staff and students within the university about EBESS related matters. Acts as a second President.

Liason between EBESS and companies or groups offering sponsorship for events and general funding. Helps form partnerships between EBESS and companies and organisations.

Jonathan Garnier

Organization and documentation of EBESS meetings as well as communication between executive teams with EBESS and between members and executives. Keeps official documentation up to date such as the bank account documentation and the AGM executive handover documentation.

Matthew Scriven

In charge of the budgeting and spending within EBESS. Keeps records of spending and income. Accountable for all spending that the club does. Must maintain the books in accordance with the Clubs and Societies regulations. Must provide the books for the yearly audit.

Rizal Rinjani
Social Officer

Organizes events within EBESS, social or otherwise. Budgeting and booking of event location as well as organizing food and drink for attendees of the events.

Martin Le Rossignol
Careers Officer

Responsible for professional development of EBESS members. Responsible for the organization of educational events involving EBESS. Liaison between EBESS and external companies or groups offering educational seminars or training. Liaison between EBESS and recruitment officers of companies.

Harry Stokes
Media Officer

Responsible for branding, creation and distribution of all EBESS related documents and branded items. Ensures all EBESS branded items are distributed in ways that uphold the image and ideals of EBESS.

Luca Robertson
Tehnical/IT Officer

Responsible for technical aspects of the society. Includes projects for students, like kits, or other technical undertakings.

Responsible for design and maintenance of the EBESS website. Manages the executive email system and mailing list for members.