For Students

Here are the links to all of our activities relevant to you, the students!

Subject Guide 2018

The 2018 executives have put a subject guide together to hopefully guide you through the courses in Electrical, Biomedical, Computer, Software, and Mechatronic Engineering.

Check it out here!

Learn To LaTeX

Each year EBESS hosts a LaTeX information event to invite students into the typesetting world. The 2018 event was revamped to focus on a more practical experience, and for those that missed it, the presentation is available here. All the resources and example files can be found below, where the latter can be used with a local editor 'as is' or uploaded to an online editor as .tex files.

Presentation Resources
Example Files: LaTeX_Examples
Demo Images: LaTeX_Images
ITEE Student Challenge: Thesis Submission Information
SoMME Student Challenge: Thesis Submission Information

We also recommend one of the following downloads for using LaTeX on your own computer:
TeXworks, TeXstudio, and TeXlipse (plugin for Eclipse IDE).

Alternatively, you can use a cloud-based LaTeX editor such as ShareLaTeX.

For all other LaTeX information, ShareLaTeX has an easily searchable and comprehensive set of documentation.

Project Kits

Each year EBESS works to create a DIY project kit for you students to learn about and put together!

Our current kits are the Sequential Logic Clock Kit , the Learning IR Remote Control Kit , and the new FM Stereo Transmitter Kit.